This WINE CELLAR was an entirely unique project and one which we were pleased to undertake.

With our clients being enthusiasts and collectors of wine, they required us to transform an unused basement into a practical and attractive area capable of housing their valuable wine collection.

This project saw us create a large number of catacombs tailored to the clients requirements. The catacombs were constructed from reclaimed stones to reflect the existing architecture of the property and to give the cellar an authentic feel. During this build, the stone and original wood work were restored to an exceptional finish by having the area shot blasted. We also constructed the standing wooden pillars and a bespoke cheese table was made and installed.

Moreover, with temperature being a main concern in the storing of wine, this basement was both temperature and humidity regulated in order to protect the clients investment. When undertaking a project like this we always have security in mind and can create solutions tailored to fit your requirements. In this instance, we had an alarm system fitted that functioned with the rest of the property.

This cellar is now an optimum storage space for our clients investments and a spectacular feature of this property.